We are a gym working out of our garage and local parks and we love it. We are not ashamed of small beginnings. If you are not deterred by appearances, come join us and be part of our community.

Know anyone with type two diabetes? We can help them cure themselves through nutrition and exercise. Tell them about us. 

We Like to Play

We love something different every day. Just like when we were kids, we got a little sweaty, but we didn’t mind. It was fun. Many years have past and we are still playing on the street.

We Word Hard

It’s exercise, it doesn’t have to be boring, it feels like play but we put in the work.

We Have Fun

We want to get healthier, but we want to have fun in the process. We are a community of people looking to workout and make friends with our neighbors.

Our Philosophy

We train the way we do because the program is proven through science. We’ve done everything else and this is what worked. We plan, execute, and test the results constantly, and then repeat.

Our workouts are short but tough. We don’t use machines, instead, we use free weights and our bodies.

We combine the best of weightlifting, cardio, and gymnastics in a constantly varied regimen to reproduce real-world physical demands. In other words, there are no machines, it’s never the same workout and what you do here, will transfer to your everyday life.